[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] xpra 0.3.4

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Mon Jul 23 12:37:01 BST 2012


This small update to the 0.3.x stable branch fixes a few bugs which had 
already been fixed in the 0.4.0 release, namely:
* fix window size hints not applied
* fix free uninitialized pointers in error codepath
* fix crash with 1 pixel wide/high windows
* fix keyboard support for MS Windows and OSX clients
* explicitly include all icons
* handle invalid packets in the correct thread
* try harder to exit cleanly
* ensure all required attributes are set by the GUI launcher

Users of the 0.3.x stable branch are strongly advised to update, anyone 
else should be using the 0.4.0 release.

As usual, the source can be found here:
And the binaries here:


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