[winswitch] xpra-0.4.0, KDE, and window dragging

Douglas Doole dougdoole at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 18:36:08 BST 2012

I just set up a new system with Ubuntu 12.04, KDE, and xpra 0.4.0. I use
the system as a client for xpra; the server is also running xpra 0.4.0.

On this particular client, when I left-click anywhere in a window, the
cursor turns into a closed hand (grab) icon and the window moves with my
mouse movements. This makes it impossible to cut&paste text, interact with
scroll bars, etc. Only widows from xpra have this behaviour - local windows
interact normally.

On my other Ubuntu 12.04 system with KDE and xpra 0.4.0, using the same
xpra server, I do not get this behaviour. Both machines attach to the
server using "xpra attach ssh:reorx:1".

So the problem is obviously something in my client side configuration, but
I have no idea what is different between the two systems. I've looked at
all the obvious window manager settings and they are the same on both

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I need to reconfigure?
-- Doug Doole

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