[winswitch] mac french keyboard trouble

Jean-Michel Dumont Jean-Michel.Dumont at insa-lyon.fr
Thu Nov 8 17:01:57 GMT 2012

My client xpra 0,70/winswitch0.12.17 is in a maco sx mountain with 
french keyboard, the server is on ubuntoo 12.04 LTS with winswitch 
0.12.17-0 and xpra 0.7.2-1

It seems the "0" an special key " ^ $ ù ` , ; : = " key are not recognized.
Every other key is ok but, for example, clicking on "0" does not produce 
a "0" but a ")"

note : This trouble does not exist with a windows XP PC.

Could you help me ?

Jean-Michel Dumont

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