[winswitch] deb-src for the tigervnc packages provided on winswitch repo

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Nov 15 08:38:54 GMT 2012

Hi Amit,

> Note that they had moved to tigervnc 1.2.0, which has a different set of
> commandlines than 1.1.0, and is not recognized by WinSwitch.
Can you provide more details on this "not recognized" problem you
I have just tested again with TigerVNC 1.2 and successfully:
* launched an Xvnc session (and connect from both old a new VNC clients)
* launched an old Xvnc session and connected with the 1.2 client
* used x0vncserver to shadow my main display

I have yet to see a single error..


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