[winswitch] Xpra 0.7 and retina screen

Mehmet Fidanboylu mehmetf at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 22:38:44 BST 2012

Hi Xpra Users,

I recently got a company laptop (macbook pro with retina screen). It seems
that Apple did a nifty trick with this laptop and stuffed the 15'' screen
with 2880x1800 pixels however the actual resolution is scaled to much lower
(so that you can actually use the thing). I think Xpra gets confused by
this scaling. I noted that the screen resolution sent to xpra during
handshake is whatever scaled resolution is (1680x1050). The images that
come back from xpra server look like they have been "zoomed in". Text and
images look heavily anti-aliased. I downloaded the src code of client.py
and manually set the resolution to 2880x1800, I don't think that made much
of a difference. I also turned off font smoothing. I am using the following

xpra --no-clipboard --no-pulseaudio --no-notifications --no-bell
--encoding=x264 attach ssh:<whatever>

I am attaching a screen shot to show you what I mean. It is quite usable
but not nearly as sharp as what I see when using it with a different
monitor with no scaling (also attached). I dont think this is caused by the
X server on client side. Starting up native apps like Terminal look sharp.

Note that the attached images are not the same size (the artifact of the
aforementioned scaling). Retina screenshots produce a larger pixel count.

Any ideas?

- Mehmet

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