[winswitch] Xpra 0.7 and retina screen

Mehmet Fidanboylu mehmetf at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 07:28:53 BST 2012

Thanks for the reply Antoine. I will give more details:

I changed the resolution manually in the client startup code, more
specifically here:
https://www.xpra.org/trac/browser/tags/v0.7.x/src/xpra/client.py#L15 .
I thought this is how Xvfb was deciding the image size to be sent. Of
course this is quite naive as I am sure the frame HxW (among other
things) also comes into picture. My max "server" resolution is
3840x2560. So, I figured that is not a problem.

I tried using the --dpi switch to no avail both client and server
(dpi=300). My server is Xvfb (since that is what i see running via ps
x). I installed the debian packages directly from

Yes, I am sure this is not encoding related but I tried your
suggestion anyway. Even with PNG, the image/fonts are soft.

Since then, I downloaded an app called QuickRes that lets me turn off
scaling completely and actually use the full 2880x1800 resolution. I
took some screenshots for both scaled and unscaled versions. I
included the window title text for comparison. If you zoom in both
pictures, you can clearly see that in the unscaled version the
resolution for both window title (native) and firefox menu (xpra)
looks the same. Whereas in the scaled version, xpra looks much worse.

I am afraid the solution to this is going to require an in-depth
understanding of how retina scaling works and I understand this is not
a priority for xpra. I just found this problem interesting and wanted
to see if there was a hack to circumvent the issue.

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