[winswitch] xpra 0.8.4, free(): invalid pointer

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Fri Feb 15 03:52:22 GMT 2013

On 02/15/2013 06:53 AM, Przemysław Pawełczyk wrote:
> Hello!
> I use xpra occasionally and I do it with pleasure. tmux for X done right!
> Frankly speaking I haven't tested some few latest releases, but I have
> winswitch deb repo in my apt/sources, so I have always an up-to-date
> version at work and at home. I use up-to-date wheezy amd64 in both
> places.
> Today, I needed my xpra and it failed hard for the first time.
Sorry about that :/
> Before I had few cases when I couldn't attach it after
> attach-at-work,attach-at-home iterations, but stopping, terminating or
> killing xpra remnants followed by restarting always allowed me to use
> xpra again.
> Not today. It crashes right after showing windows due to attach
> command, every time.
> Connecting to empty session doesn't cause any problem, until I start
> xcalc for instance.
> *** glibc detected *** /usr/bin/python: free(): invalid pointer:
> 0x0000000001bf55f0 ***
> ======= Backtrace: =========
> /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(+0x76d76)[0x7f111d279d76]
> /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(cfree+0x6c)[0x7f111d27eaac]
> /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/xpra/x264/codec.so(clean_decoder+0x9)[0x7f1119f90649]
> /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/xpra/x264/codec.so(+0x6042)[0x7f1119f87042]
> /usr/bin/python(PyEval_EvalFrameEx+0xe1c)[0x4ad10c]
> /usr/bin/python(PyEval_EvalFrameEx+0xaf0)[0x4acde0]
> ======= Memory map: ========
> Second attach is unsuccessful, I don't get the following message at all:
> 2013-02-15 00:44:41,603 Attached to ssh:blahblahblah:100 (press
> Control-C to detach)
Looks like a problem with the x264 codec library built for wheezy, the
build may have been missing the compatibility "old-libav.patch" for some
strange reason (this should have resulted in a build failure - will
check it)
In the meantime, you should be able to workaround this by using a
different encoding: --encoding=png
(though the performance may not be quite as good as before - and may
even be unusable over slow connections)


> Regards.

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