[winswitch] Problems connecting between Fedora -> gentoo/OpenSUSE

Christopher Faylor me at cgf.cx
Wed Jan 30 18:00:39 GMT 2013

I have recently upgraded all of my systems to xpra 0.7.8 and am
experiencing problems when attempting to connect from a Fedora 16 system
using ssh to my host OpenSUSE 12.2 system (I built 0.7.8 myself for this

I have a Gentoo system running 0.7.8 which connects without difficulty.

The error in the server logs when I attempt to connect is:

2013-01-30 10:10:59,570 connection lost: invalid packet: size requested is 808464432 (maximum allowed is 32768 - packet header: '00010263l5:hellod20:__prerelease'), dropping this connection!

"808464432" is, in hex, "0x30303030".

I've tried using a direct TCP connection with similar results.

In case it matters, the Gentoo and OpenSUSE systems are on a local
network while the Fedora system is going over the internet.

If I downgrade the OpenSUSE version to 0.3.6-1, I can connect from
Fedora but not from Gentoo.

I'd appreciate any hints on how to resolve this problem.


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