[winswitch] Problems connecting between Fedora -> gentoo/OpenSUSE

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Jan 30 20:45:12 GMT 2013

On 01/31/2013 01:00 AM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> I have recently upgraded all of my systems to xpra 0.7.8 and am
> experiencing problems when attempting to connect from a Fedora 16 system
> using ssh to my host OpenSUSE 12.2 system (I built 0.7.8 myself for this
> system).
> I have a Gentoo system running 0.7.8 which connects without difficulty.
> The error in the server logs when I attempt to connect is:
> 2013-01-30 10:10:59,570 connection lost: invalid packet: size requested is 808464432 (maximum allowed is 32768 - packet header: '00010263l5:hellod20:__prerelease'), dropping this connection!
It looks like the client (Fedora 16?) is sending an invalid packet.
I would have expected the packet to be rejected before the size check,
but maybe you just got (un)lucky.

> "808464432" is, in hex, "0x30303030".
> I've tried using a direct TCP connection with similar results.
> In case it matters, the Gentoo and OpenSUSE systems are on a local
> network while the Fedora system is going over the internet.
> If I downgrade the OpenSUSE version to 0.3.6-1, I can connect from
> Fedora but not from Gentoo.
Are you sure they are all the same versions, sounds like they are not.

> I'd appreciate any hints on how to resolve this problem.
First, v0.3 is unsupported and broken/insecure. Worst thing is that this
is 0.3.6, so it's not even the latest from the old (and no longer
supported) v0.3 branch. Do not use.

Second, it looks to me like your Fedora box is not running 0.7.8, maybe
some older version too.

So, the simple answer is: run supported versions and everything should
work fine, until then, I can't help you, sorry.


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