[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] xpra 0.8.0

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Jan 30 20:39:34 GMT 2013

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This major release took much longer than planned, but it was worth it.
There are many new features and enhancements.
Here are some highlights (full release notes at the end of this email):
* much better performance, lower latency, less jittery video
* much better video quality by default, better automatic refresh
* SSH support on MS Windows
* delta compression for lossless modes
* improved diagnostics screens and commands
* sound forwarding support
* system tray forwarding
* support for shadowing existing X11 displays
Some of these items will be improved further in the next release.

The source:
Direct binary downloads:


PS: unfortunately, the Mac OSX build failed testing and will be posted

Full releases notes:
* fix modal windows support
* fix default mouse cursor: now uses the client's default cursor
* fix "double-apple" in menu on OSX
* fix short lived windows: avoid doing unnecessary work, avoid
re-registering handlers
* fix limit the number of raw packets per client to prevent DoS via
memory exhaustion
* fix authentication: ensure salt is per connection
* fix for ubuntu global application menus
* fix proxy handling of deadly signals
* fix pixel queue size calculations used for performance tuning decisions
* fix ^C exit on MS Windows: ensure we do cleanup the system tray on exit
* edge resistance for colourspace conversion level changes to prevent
yoyo effect
* more aggressive picture quality tuning
* better CPU utilization
* new command line options and tray menu to trade latency for bandwidth
* x264 disable unecessary I-frames and avoid IDR frames
* performance and latency optimizations in critical sections
* avoid server loops: prevent the client from connecting to itself
* group windows according to the remote application they belong to
* sound forwarding (initial code, high latency)
* faster and more reliable client and server exit (from signal or
* SSH support on MS Windows
* "xpra shadow" mode to clone an existing X11 display (compositors not
supported yet)
* support for delta pixels mode (most useful for shadow mode)
* avoid warnings and X11 errors with the screenshot command
* better mouse cursor support: send cursors by name so their size
matches the client's settings
* mitigate bandwidth eating cursor change storms: introduce simple
cursor update batching
* support system tray icon forwarding (limited)
* preserve window workspace
* AES packet encryption for TCP mode (without key secure exchange for now)
* launcher entry box for username in SSH mode
* launcher improvements: highlight the password field if needed,
prevent warnings, etc
* better window manager specification compatibility (for broken
applications or toolkits)
* use lossless encoders more aggressively when possible
* new x264 tuning options: profiles to use and thresholds
* better detection of dead server sockets: retry and remove them if needed
* improved session information dialog and graphs
* more detailed hierarchical per-window details via "xpra info"
* send window icons in dedicated compressed packet (smaller new-window
packets, faster)
* detect overly large main packets
* partial/initial Java/AWT keyboard support
* py2exe, ebuild and distutils improvements: faster and cleaner
builds, discarding unwanted modules
* OSX and MS Windows build updates: newer py2app, gtk-mac-bundler,
pywin32 and support libraries
* OSX command line path fix
* updated libx264 and libav on OSX
* updated Cython to 0.17.4 for all binary builds
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