[winswitch] Xpra newest version

Antoine Martin antoine at devloop.org.uk
Tue Jul 16 05:51:35 BST 2013


On 16/07/13 11:27, Roberto Hashioka wrote:
> Hi Antoine, 
> First of all, I would like to thank you for your great job with Xpra!
> I created a project that uses Xpra and I would like to use your fork.
> Now I'm using apt-get install xpra to install Xpra, but I would like
> to know what are the steps in order to install your version with
> multi-clients support and the other enhancements.
Multi client support needs work (mainly to deal with minimized windows
gracefully, systray forwarding, etc):
To enable it, use --enable-sharing on both server and clients (see man
page for details)
> If you want to check my project, please check my github
> repo. https://github.com/rogaha/docker-desktop
> Sincerely,
> Roberto

PS: please always use the mailing-list, which I have added to CC list.

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