[winswitch] connect retry loop for xpra launcher?

Thomas Koch thomas at koch.ro
Thu Sep 5 08:28:04 BST 2013


I'm working to setup xpra to connect to a virtual machine running on my 
laptop. The Host runs only trusted Debian stable software and the virtual 
machine runs all untrusted stuff (Skype...).

Libvirtd automatically starts the virtual machine at boot and the 
xpra_launcher ist started by ~/.config/autostart/xpra_launcher.desktop

However when xpra_launcher starts before the xpra server in the virtual 
machine, it opens a window.

It would be nice to have an additional parameter for xpra_launcher like

If the parameter is set and not zero, then xpra_launcher will just sit in the 
systray and trying to reconnect every $INTEGER seconds.


Thomas Koch

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