[winswitch] hide window title bar of wbar in xpra

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Aug 5 05:03:09 BST 2014

>> Surprisingly, it did sort of work better via xpra, in that at least a
>> window showed up on the edge of my screen.
>> And it didn't have any title bar, but the application itself doesn't
>> seem to be doing anything.
> OS client : Windows.
> OS server: Ubuntu 12.04
> I've just test again in OS client Ubuntu 14.04, and it didn't have any
> title bar.
> So what is the difference between Win'client and Linux'client ?
The difference is that applications on Linux use X11 which supports a
number of type hints:
When we forward this information to the MS Windows OS, setting the
window type is not sufficient to preserve the same appearance.
I have now applied a fix for this:
This application now works much better both in Windows and Linux, you
can find a 0.14.0 beta Windows installer here:


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