[winswitch] xpra wick - how to submit questions

Antoine Martin antoine at devloop.org.uk
Thu Aug 14 03:57:05 BST 2014

On 14/08/14 08:47, Scott-Fleming, Ian wrote:
> Have just installed xpra on linux (Centos 6.5) & OS X client.  Have
> also registered on your wiki, and wanted to post some questions about
> both.  However,  couldn’t see where to submit questions…only bugs. 
Please use this mailing list or IRC, which are linked from the home page
under "Help and Discussions".
> Was also looking for documentation.  Could only find the “Usage” page,
> which doesn’t explain much. 
There are dozens of pages on the wiki, and if you tell us what it is
that you are looking for, we can add more.
> Here are 3 starter questions, mostly on authentication issues.
> 0.  Initially I was able to connect, but now attempting to connect I
> get the error message “server requires authentication, please provide
> a password"
That means your session has password mode configured.
> I connect via ssh, and use ssh-keys, and have not set a separate
> password for xpra.  Attempting to stop the xpra session on the host
> also comes back saying a password is needed.
My guess is that you may have also run winswitch, which automatically
manages your xpra sessions and will password protect them for you.
Your main options are:
* use winswitch and not xpra directly
* stop winswitch and use xpra directly only
* tell winswitch not to capture xpra sessions (see
>  Where is it looking for a password, and how do I disable that?
ps -ef | grep xpra
Will show you the password file it is using.
To disable it, see above. To change a session which uses password mode,
use "xpra upgrade".
> 1.  How do I start xpra so it only allows connections via ssh?  Looks
> like there is at least one alternate way, via TCP;  I need to make
> sure this is not enabled (and what port does the TCP method use?). 
See man page for more details.
It will use whatever port you tell it to use.
If you don't specify TCP mode, it will not be used.
> 2.  On the OS X Xpra.app GUI, how do I disconnect, other than exiting
> Xpra entirely?
Exiting is how you do it.
>  Assuming I have more than one application remoted from Linux to  OS
> X, how do I disconnect just one?
You cannot. If you want to do that, you should use a separate session
for each remote application.
> Thanks.  And please let me know where the correct place to submit
> questions like this are.
Xpra and Winswitch ML <shifter-users at lists.devloop.org.uk>


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