[winswitch] Seeing lots of delays with xpra

Douglas Doole dougdoole at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 18:46:34 GMT 2014

Lately when using xpra, I've been seeing lots of spinners over top of my
windows. (And I mean "lots" in the sense that xpra is pretty much unusable
at times.) In the past, xpra was working without these delays.

When this happens, I see messages like this in the client log:

2014-12-02 13:20:53,784 server is not responding, drawing spinners over the
2014-12-02 13:21:05,074 server is OK again

In the server log, I see messages like this:

2014-12-02 13:20:23,261 delayed_region_timeout: region is 15001ms old, bad
2014-12-02 13:20:28,963 send_delayed for wid 23, elapsed time 5701.0 is
above limit of 500.0 - sending now

Occasionally it is so bad that xpra disconnects. At that point the server
log will contain:

2014-12-02 13:24:08,767 Disconnecting client
Protocol(SocketConnection(/home/doole/.xpra/reorx-1)): client ping timeout
(waited 60 seconds without a response)
2014-12-02 13:24:08,769 xpra client disconnected.

Both my xpra server and client are on the same network (but not the same
subnet). If I use "ssh -X" directly to the box, I do not see any sort of

My windows are mostly konsole and gvim.

I'd love to be able to say "this problem started with version X", but I
haven't been able to pin it down. Unfortunately, my environment went though
multiple changes at the same time (xpra 0.13.x to 0.14.x, Ubuntu 12.04 to
14.04), so I may not be able to get back to a good state for comparison

I am running without speaker/microphone forwarding but everything else
enabled. I have tried various encoding options, but it doesn't seem to make
a difference.

My client and server are both running Ubuntu 14.04. I'm currently running
xpra 0.14.12 at both the client and server, but I've been seeing this on
all the xpra 0.14.x builds that I've tried.

Any suggestions? Anything I can do to help narrow this down further?

-- Doug Doole

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