[winswitch] How to use "randr" to resize the desktop?

Heng Zhou hzhou1 at cs.uml.edu
Sat Dec 27 15:18:51 GMT 2014


I can display a whole desktop using the instruction in
http://xpra.org/trac/wiki/Usage. Now I hope I can miximize the window
containing the desktop if I double click the title bar of the xpra window,
just like miximizing a normal window in Windows. The same webpage says that
"you can resize the desktop using the standard "randr" desktop tools (and
not by resizing the window at present)", so I think this is the approach to
accomplish what I want. But after search the internet, I still have no idea
how to do it. Could you please give me a step by step configuration to
accomplish miximizing the window containing the whole desktop by double
click? Thank you very much!

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