[winswitch] Awkward...

Hugo hugo1000 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 13:24:28 BST 2014

Hello all,

Regarding some questions that I received related to my post:

1) I am sorry for the inappropriate wording.
2) I still don't see what dependencies are missing.
3) I consider the message regarding gdkgl to be informative (not an error)
but not important as I will not be requiring OpenGL for my usage. It's
great that it is supported, when dependencies are present. This should not
stop the xpra from working. If these assumptions are wrong, please tell me.
4) Looking at the error and exceptions I posted, Antoine Martin kindly
informed me that you needed to have run a session before the frontpage
example would work. So if we ignore the errors that are about reading or
writing to the then non-existent ~/.xpra files, we are left with the last

AssertionError: proxy/shadow-start: expected 1 argument but got 2

Im sure that due to the introspective nature of python, some contrived
example could be crafted where a missing dependency will result in a call
with the wrong number of arguments, but to me this looks like unfinished

5) I am using Ubuntu so if the package dependencies for the package 'xpra'
are wrong, the package maintainer should be contacted. The issue could be
present in Debian as well, as it is most likely Debian's package in Ubuntu.
I don't even know how to get my setup working so I certainly can't provide
the maintainer with an authoritative answer.

Thank you


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