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Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Jun 10 16:01:06 BST 2014


> 3) I consider the message regarding gdkgl to be informative (not an error)
> but not important as I will not be requiring OpenGL for my usage. It's
> great that it is supported, when dependencies are present. This should not
> stop the xpra from working. If these assumptions are wrong, please tell me.
All correct: not having OpenGL installed is not a showstopper, it is
sub-optimal but definitely supported.

>From your previous log samples, I can only see a single line of warning
related to OpenGL:
"OpenGL support not enabled: No module named gdkgl"

On Debian systems, I believe that the package required for this is
Note however that in practice, you are likely to see more warnings and
not less!
(and that is despite a large amount of our code dedicated to trimming
down those annoying warnings)

The rest of your error messages are caused by the ssh connection
dropping from underneath us.
I agree that it isn't very pretty, but I'm not seeing anything like this
here. Maybe your version of xpra is outdated?
Anything older than 0.13 is no longer supported, your distribution
vendor may claim to support older versions, but I have never seen it
happen (as in, fixing known bugs).
> 4) Looking at the error and exceptions I posted, Antoine Martin kindly
> informed me that you needed to have run a session before the frontpage
> example would work.
FYI: the fix for this has been committed, and will be released in the
next 24 hours in our source release and binary packages (if you choose
to use those).
> So if we ignore the errors that are about reading or
> writing to the then non-existent ~/.xpra files, we are left with the last
> one:
> AssertionError: proxy/shadow-start: expected 1 argument but got 2
> Im sure that due to the introspective nature of python, some contrived
> example could be crafted where a missing dependency will result in a call
> with the wrong number of arguments, but to me this looks like unfinished
> code.
You're not posting the exact commands that you've used, but I've just
tested this repeatedly with:
xpra shadow ssh:localhost:0
And apart from just fixing a bug which prevented the following variant
from working properly (only in some cases):
xpra shadow ssh:localhost
I am not seeing the error that you refer to.
I have modified the code in trunk to provide more detailed error message
in this case.
> 5) I am using Ubuntu so if the package dependencies for the package 'xpra'
> are wrong, the package maintainer should be contacted.
I don't know which Ubuntu release you are running, or even which xpra
package you have installed..


> The issue could be
> present in Debian as well, as it is most likely Debian's package in Ubuntu.
> I don't even know how to get my setup working so I certainly can't provide
> the maintainer with an authoritative answer.
> Thank you
> Hugo.
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