[winswitch] xpra 0.13.5 misbehaving

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Mon Jun 16 15:18:26 BST 2014

On 16/06/14 21:05, Douglas Doole wrote:
> I upgraded to xpra 0.13.5 this morning, and I'm having some very strange
> behaviour with click and drag. I'll click and drag on the title bar to move
> a window and sometime it will move, but other times I'll get behaviour such
> as the window collapsing to just the title bar, or being pushed behind an
> overlapping window.
This sound like a client side window manager issue, and not an xpra issue.
> Similar problems when I click and drag on the edge of a window to resize
> it. Sometime it resizes and other times the window gets pushed behind an
> overlapping window.
As above.
> The behaviour seems to be random (at least I haven't found anything that
> specifically causes the strange behaviour). The bad behaviour seems more
> likely to occur when the xpra managed window is overlapping another window.
> The second window can be local or from xpra.
> I don't see anything useful in the client or server logs.
> I did not see this problem on xpra 0.13.4.
Looking at the changelog from 0.13.4 to 0.13.5, there is nothing at all
in there that should be able to cause the problems you report.
So I suspect that the problem comes from somewhere else and that
downgrading back down may not help, did you do any other updates today?
> Both my client and server are running Ubuntu 12.04. My desktop is KDE.
> Anything I can gather to help narrow this down? (I'm going to have to roll
> back to 0.13.4. soon, because this is making 0.13.5 pretty much unusable.)
Maybe running the client with "-d window" will tell us something useful.


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