[winswitch] xpra unuseable on CentOS 5

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Nov 12 07:08:52 GMT 2014

On 12/11/14 12:25, Lukas Haase wrote:
>>>> I think it's nearly impossible to get this machine upgraded but I may try it at least. If so, what would be the python and/or CentOS version with which everything should work? CentOS 6?
>>> Sure, CentOS 6 or 7 both work well enough.
>>> CentOS 6 is a bit dated already.
>>> CentOS 7 is a bit annoying as a client OS because it lacks a system tray
>>> in the default gnome desktop, much better as a server OS (up to date
>>> python and libs).
>> Just one more thing: there is no guarantee at all that upgrading your
>> host OS will improve the behaviour of the application (especially the
>> focus issues you describe).
>> It sounds like upgrading is going to be a hassle for you, so you may be
>> better off trying it out in a virtual machine before spending too much
>> time down this path.
>> That said, moving away from CentOS 5 sooner rather than later is still
>> worth doing.
> Hi Antoine,
> I indeed got the change for a CentOS 6 upgrade (at least).
> I hope so much that the situation will become better :)
> (if not, as I said, it have something to do with xpra or at least a new xpra because the old version works perfectly with a newer python ob Ubuntu).
> Right now, I am struggling with a simple thing:
> # yum install xpra
> [...]
> Package xpra-0.14.11-1.el6_6.x86_64.rpm is not signed
> I followed http://winswitch.org/downloads/rpm-repository.html?dist_select=CentOS very closely.
> Can it be that the package is indeed not signed?
Indeed, that was the problem. (out of hundreds of RPMs, only this one
and the Fedora 20 amd64 source RPM were missing the signature!)

If a simple "yum update" doesn't pick it up automagically, try the yum
clean dance:
yum clean all && yum update


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