[winswitch] BUG: Mouse pointer stops working in multi-/single display setup

Lukas Haase lukashaase at gmx.at
Fri Nov 14 21:20:43 GMT 2014


I observered the following bug in the latest xpra v0.14.11 which can be reproduced in exactly the same manner:

1.) Create a session on a remote Linux server via SSH and xpra

2.) Connect with a Windows client with 2 displays (in my case: Laptop in docking station + external monitor). I do it via SSH + X forwarding and then using "xpra attach" with Cygwin SSH server.

3.) Start an application (I used "firefox" for my tests).

4.) Detatch, undock laptop, reattach session (alternatively (?): Re-attach from system with single display). Everything works as expected. Detatch again

5.) Dock laptop again (alternatively (?): Go back to the system with 2 displays): Re-attach. Now comes the problem: Mouse input only works on one display (the internal laptop display)! However, keyboard input works everywhere and I can drag and move the windows on both screens. The "Window Manager" Icons ("x" Icon in Windows etc) work as expected. However, then I drag the firefox window to the external display and I click onto it, I see that the actual click takes place and the left-most side of the display. Moving the window back to the internal laptop display makes everything work again.

Re-attaching does not help.
Restarting the X server at the client helped one single time but otherwise did not help.
Using "xpra upgrade" on the server seems to help.

system configuration:

Server: CentOS 6 with official repository (xpra v0.14.11)
Client: Windows 7, Cygwin SSH server, connection over SSH + Forwarding. Thinkpad on docking station; mobile: just internal display; docked: internal + external display


PS: I tried to write this in a bug report directly but I cannot register ("Cannot find implementation(s) of the IAccountRegistrationInspector interface named UsernamePermCheck. Please check that the Component is enabled or update the option [account-manager] register_check in trac.ini.").

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