[winswitch] BUG: Mouse pointer stops working in multi-/single display setup

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sat Nov 15 05:41:13 GMT 2014

On 15/11/14 04:20, Lukas Haase wrote:
> Hi,
> I observered the following bug in the latest xpra v0.14.11 which can be reproduced in exactly the same manner:
I believe you're hitting this bug which is high on my list:
Feel free to subscribe to this ticket to help and be notified of fixes. (*)
> Re-attaching does not help.
> Restarting the X server at the client helped one single time but otherwise did not help.
Below, you're saying that  your client is Windows 7.
How can you restart the X server since there isn't one on MS Windows?
Unless you're talking about the Cygwin X11 server - but I don't see how
you would get an xpra build to use X11 on win32: xpra on MS Windows uses
"native" GTK-win32.
> Using "xpra upgrade" on the server seems to help.
> system configuration:
> Server: CentOS 6 with official repository (xpra v0.14.11)
> Client: Windows 7, Cygwin SSH server, connection over SSH + Forwarding.
I assume you mean Cygwin SSH client here?
Can you paste the command line that you use for connecting? (I can't
remember the last time I tried to use xpra with Cygwin's ssh instead of
plink - good to know it still works)
>  Thinkpad on docking station; mobile: just internal display; docked: internal + external display
> Thanks
> Lukas
> PS: I tried to write this in a bug report directly but I cannot register ("Cannot find implementation(s) of the IAccountRegistrationInspector interface named UsernamePermCheck. Please check that the Component is enabled or update the option [account-manager] register_check in trac.ini.").
Sorry about that - fixed.


PS: for those unlucky Trac administrators hitting landing on this
message because of the obscure 1.0.2 Trac upgrade issue, here's the fix
(which I could not find documented anywhere): you must ensure this is in
your [components] section since the "UsernamePermCheck" is now required
by default:
acct_mgr.register.usernamepermcheck = enabled

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