[winswitch] BUG: Mouse pointer stops working in multi-/single display setup

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Nov 18 21:09:21 GMT 2014

>>> Server: CentOS 6 with official repository (xpra v0.14.11)
>>> Client: Windows 7, Cygwin SSH server, connection over SSH + Forwarding.
>> I assume you mean Cygwin SSH client here?
> I am actually using Putty/plink.exe with X forwarding.
Oh dear.
>> Can you paste the command line that you use for connecting? (I can't
>> remember the last time I tried to use xpra with Cygwin's ssh instead of
>> plink - good to know it still works)
> I just use (this is in my connect.cmd):
>     plink.exe -X -load "my-remote-server" "~/xpra_client.sh"
> where my-remote-server is just a stored PuTTY session.
> xpra_client.sh on the server just contains:
>     xpra attach :1984 --no-keyboard-sync --encoding=rgb
Why bother with an X11 server on Windows when you can just use the
native client instead? That's bizarre.
You're getting the "screen for X11" part of xpra, but you're missing out
on a number of important features.


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