[winswitch] s xpra/winswitch like a remote desktop program?

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Nov 27 06:19:30 GMT 2014


On 26/11/14 22:14, ... wrote:
> My information may be old.
> Xpra is not for whole desktops.  It is for the windows generated by
> programs.  You can call up a program remotely, not the whole dektop.
Not correct: you can use Xephy or Xnest to do whole desktops.
There is also shadow mode which does whole desktops.
> There is no windows server.  You can view linux programs on windows but not
> the other way.
Shadow server runs on windows too.
> There is no android client AFAIK, though it was a potential goole summer of
> code project so maybe something happened.
There is a PoC android client, which used to work - not been tested in a
long time though.

> You're probably looking for a VNC like turbo VNC.  There's open source VNC
> out there, but I don't know their android support.
> Elliot
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