[winswitch] [xpra] screen blur if maximize windows

Long Nguyen Thanh ntlong0210 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 10:28:16 BST 2014


I have some problems with xpra, and still unresolved.

1. I ususally use xpra client with encoding  H.264. Assume I use firefox to
read news, and often scroll up, scroll down...
At normal size ( not maximize ), screen is OK.
At maximize size, screen become blur.
I'd changed Xvfb screen -> 1024x768 but it not work.

2. Sometimes, xpra can't attach, and appear error 10061 connection refused

3.I always receive errors : Xlibs : RANDR missing, RENDR missing when start
any application with xpra. But I can still use those apps.

4. How I can use OpenGL option ?

Server: Ubuntu 12.04, xpra 0.14.7-1
Client : Windows 7 Ultimate, xpra 0.14.7-1

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