[winswitch] [xpra] screen blur if maximize windows

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Sep 24 10:40:26 BST 2014

On 24/09/14 16:28, Long Nguyen Thanh wrote:
> Hi,
> I have some problems with xpra, and still unresolved.
> 1. I ususally use xpra client with encoding  H.264. Assume I use firefox to
> read news, and often scroll up, scroll down...
> At normal size ( not maximize ), screen is OK.
> At maximize size, screen become blur.
The encoding heuristics may start downscaling your windows at high
resolutions in order to keep up (usually about 1080p and up).
If you raise the minimum quality and/or lower the speed, this is much
less likely to happen.
When this does happen, the auto-refresh should kick in eventually and
clear the blurriness.
> I'd changed Xvfb screen -> 1024x768 but it not work.
Not sure what makes you think that this is a good idea.
And why 1024x768?
> 2. Sometimes, xpra can't attach, and appear error 10061 connection refused
This looks like a mswindows error code. A quick google search leads me
to believe that:
" the problem is with an intermediate networking device"
(firewall or other, wrong port, etc)
> 3.I always receive errors : Xlibs : RANDR missing, RENDR missing when start
> any application with xpra. But I can still use those apps.
It is very difficult to say without the full commands used (including
the one for xpra, Xvfb and the command used) and the full error message
and where you found it.
Some warnings come from the X11 server can be ignored, maybe this is one
of those:
> 4. How I can use OpenGL option ?
OpenGL client rendering is enabled if your graphics card drivers support it.
For the server, see:
> Server: Ubuntu 12.04, xpra 0.14.7-1
IIRC, Ubuntu 12.04 is problematic for many things, including Xdummy and
> Client : Windows 7 Ultimate, xpra 0.14.7-1


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