[winswitch] deb-src on winswitch

basd basd1 at fastbk.com
Thu Apr 23 09:29:11 BST 2015


I had another thought for you as well -- since Winswitch is python, the "source" code installs
somewhere accessible anyway.

I don't know Debian architecture, but my install puts everything under:


So, if you were successful in installing the winswitch .deb packages, you probably have a similar
"readable" version of winswitch.  Since Python is an interpreted language, it's pretty easy to look
at the source code.

This is the code I have been studying, relative to the issues I have posted to the email list.

I apologize if I am telling you things you already know and have misunderstood your
question/concern.  It seemed to me you were concerned about locating the source code, so I'm just
trying to help out.


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