[winswitch] troubleshooting observations re vnc

basd basd1 at fastbk.com
Thu Apr 23 09:19:19 BST 2015

As noted in a couple of prior posts, I'm having issues with getting full desktop sessions to connect
from my openSuSE 13.2 server.

Therefore, I decided to troubleshoot from the VNC end of things.  (This would rule out connection
issues in the underlying tigervnc system).

Although running vncserver standalone lacks the versatility of connecting via Winswitch, I did
discover that running vncserver on the server and running vncviewer on the remote works just fine. 

I have two suggestions/observations.  (1) for some reason, Winswitch trys to re-start itself after
the failed attempt to connect to the socket.  (2) the socket error is similar to what happens if I
have crashed or killed a vnc session on the same port/display.

Observation (1) comes from the fact Winswitch issues a notification that "winswitch is already
running".  This isn't very important, but it may be a "clue" of some sort.  Observation (2) comes
from an effort I made to run my vncserver(s) via xinetd.  This didn't work for me, but when I
disabled xinetd and then ran vncserver from a command line, I got a socket connection refused
error.  (To clear this, I had to reboot my server in addition to disabling xinetd.)

I am guessing openSuSE has something set up differently from the distros that Winswitch actively
supports that causes the launch of a desktop session (either under VNC or Xpra) to have socket
errors.  Maybe this has to do with authorization issues or the setup in xinitrc or wherever that is
effecting launch of the desktop session.



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