[winswitch] [Xpra] Sound problem

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Dec 1 10:28:29 GMT 2015

>     >     Note: quite a few sound related bugs are fixed in the 0.16.0 server.
>     >
>     > I tried running xpra 0.16.0 r11304 for server(trusty), same as client
>     > (MS Windows 7). But the sound is disabled if I'm running xpra with it.
>     > I attached the output of xpra attach with '-d sound'
>     This sounds like a bug which needs to be fixed before the final release.
>     Can you please create a ticket for it?
>     Your client log does not contain anything of interest, the problem is
>     likely to be on the server side. Maybe some missing sound plugins there?
> I attached my server log. Can you please check it  ? If this problem is
> a bug, I will create a ticket for it.
Apart from a swscale error which I will try to investigate when I get a
chance, the GStreamer error does stick out:

Warning: failed to import GStreamer:
 1.0 failed with: Namespace Gst not available

The DEB package installation should have recommended that you also
install python-gst-1.0. Maybe you chose not to install it?

This does not look like a bug in xpra or its DEB packaging.


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