[winswitch] awesome project, newbie questions

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Fri Jul 31 13:00:32 BST 2015

On 31/07/15 08:26, Barry Smoke wrote:
> I stumbled across this project while looking deeper into nomachine nx, and comparable remote protocols.
> I spent an afternoon learning about the winswitch gui, and connecting windows pc's together remotely.
> the client obviously has full support for the various remote connection protocols, vnc, nx, xpra, rdp, and various others.
> there seems to be no way to force a different protocol to be used for windows connections, although the note on the website indicates a licensing issue, not the technology is at fault.
I think you are referring to this page:
Every version of windows is capable of running as a RDP server, but
Microsoft charges you more for the privilege.
> how difficult would it be to enable a selection of the protocol to use for client to client connections on windows, for use as an internal remote assistance utility?
I'm not sure what you are asking.
> Does the client software act as a server, as I figured out a default port of 32123 is used for connections.
Usually, the applet starts a local server so that you can also access
session on that machine.
This can be disabled.
The port you refer to is the winswitch port.
> Or, would nx server software, and xpra server software have to be run, to connect the session to?
I don't understand the question, sorry!
> Is there a design doc, or diagram showing the internal workflow?  I did download the source, but haven't dug through too deep yet.
I'm afraid there isn't, only the code and the documentation on the website:

> Thanks,
> Barry Smoke
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