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Barry Smoke Barry at sanpliance.com
Fri Jul 31 19:57:00 BST 2015

General statement, I'm trying to get detailed general overview about how winswitch works internally, and why the limitations exist on windows.

See below:

> I stumbled across this project while looking deeper into nomachine nx, and comparable remote protocols.
> I spent an afternoon learning about the winswitch gui, and connecting windows pc's together remotely.
> the client obviously has full support for the various remote connection protocols, vnc, nx, xpra, rdp, and various others.
> there seems to be no way to force a different protocol to be used for windows connections, although the note on the website indicates a licensing issue, not the technology is at fault.
>>I think you are referring to this page:
>>Every version of windows is capable of running as a RDP server, but Microsoft charges you more for the privilege.

Yes, correct.  The statement:
"Window Switch can only use RDP to connect to a Microsoft Windows machine and forward the desktop to the client's display. 
Although there are other features and other servers, these are not supported at present.
(Mostly due to unnecessary licensing restrictions which have nothing to do with the technology)"
That leads the reader to think that technically, it might be a possibility to enable the functionality, maybe even use a version detection routine to figure out the licensing issue on a per server basis, right?

> how difficult would it be to enable a selection of the protocol to use for client to client connections on windows, for use as an internal remote assistance utility?
>>I'm not sure what you are asking.
> Does the client software act as a server, as I figured out a default port of 32123 is used for connections.
>>Usually, the applet starts a local server so that you can also access session on that machine.
>>This can be disabled.
>>The port you refer to is the winswitch port.
> Or, would nx server software, and xpra server software have to be run, to connect the session to?
>>I don't understand the question, sorry!
> Is there a design doc, or diagram showing the internal workflow?  I did download the source, but haven't dug through too deep yet.
>>I'm afraid there isn't, only the code and the documentation on the website:

I'll compile the above into one question.  Since the issue of only using rdp is a licensing issue, the questions above are meant to determine the design of winswitch, and routing of sessions.
Is it possible to enable windows to windows xpra, or nx sessions as is, or would xpra server, or nx server need to be ported to windows?

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