[winswitch] MS Windows Xpra/WindowSwitch binaries for non-administrator

Anton Starikov ant.starikov at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 12:52:56 BST 2015


Are there Xpra/WindowSwitch binaries for MS Windows, which can be used by
user without administrator rights?
Default installers can't be installed without administrative privileges,
although, at least for client, there is totally no need for admin rights.

Unpacking binaries from the installer isn't an options, as it is not
recognized by archivers as archive.

Alternatively, can somebody with Windows make a ZIP with installed
Xpra/WindowSwitch? (this host for which I don't have admin rights is the
only Windows host I have access to, although I can do whole story of
installing VM in VBox.... but it will take some time).

Thank you,

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