[winswitch] xpra 0.14.23 - Spinners not going away

Douglas Doole dougdoole at gmail.com
Tue May 5 18:00:19 BST 2015

Since upgrading to xpra 0.14.23, I've had a couple instances where I've had
a network hiccup and the spinners have appeared. Yet once the network is
moving again, the spinners have remained on some of the windows (not all)
even though they are otherwise responding properly. That is, I'm editing
text, cutting & pasting, etc. but the spinner is sitting in front of
everything spinning away. Needless to say, it makes the affected windows
pretty much unusable.

Once this has happened, the only way I can clear things up is to drop the
client connection and re-connect to the server.

I am not able to reproduce this on demand, but it has happened a couple
times now. I have no idea what the trigger might be. I had not seen this
problem before upgrading to 0.14.23. Bother the server and the client are
running Ubuntu 14.04.

Unfortunately, I don't have a log from either of the times I've seen it
happen. Anything in particular I should capture to help debug it?

-- Doug Doole

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