[winswitch] xpra 0.14.23 - Spinners not going away

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed May 6 11:49:31 BST 2015

Hi Douglas,

On 06/05/15 00:00, Douglas Doole wrote:
> Since upgrading to xpra 0.14.23, I've had a couple instances where I've had
> a network hiccup and the spinners have appeared. Yet once the network is
> moving again, the spinners have remained on some of the windows (not all)
> even though they are otherwise responding properly. That is, I'm editing
> text, cutting & pasting, etc. but the spinner is sitting in front of
> everything spinning away. Needless to say, it makes the affected windows
> pretty much unusable.
> Once this has happened, the only way I can clear things up is to drop the
> client connection and re-connect to the server.
You may also be able to restore things by toggling opengl off then on
again from the tray menu. (assuming your system supports opengl)
> I am not able to reproduce this on demand, but it has happened a couple
> times now. I have no idea what the trigger might be. I had not seen this
> problem before upgrading to 0.14.23. Bother the server and the client are
> running Ubuntu 14.04.
Thanks for reporting it.
It would help if I could reproduce the problem on my setup.
Can you tell us which applications were running when the problem
occurred? (and also which ones were affected and which ones were not)
> Unfortunately, I don't have a log from either of the times I've seen it
> happen. Anything in particular I should capture to help debug it?
Unfortunately, there isn't a specific debug switch for this feature, so
you would need to use the big hammer "-d client", which will also log a
lot of unrelated things.
And even if the logging was more specific, it may not tell us enough to
debug further.

Looking at the spinner code, I found a couple of issues, maybe one of
those is what was causing your problem.
These fixes will be included in 0.14.24.


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