[winswitch] openSuSE 13.2 - more observations

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed May 27 10:09:54 BST 2015

On 24/05/15 06:01, basd wrote:
> 1.  I was successful creating an xpra-0.14.24 rpm on a different computer with a different .spec
> file.  No idea what the difference is.
> 2.  Before I updated xpra, connecting winswitch-0.12.21 to winswitch-0.12.20 reported that xpra was
> not available.
You were probably running an outdated version.
> 2a.  This was not a bad thing, because I discovered that if there is no xpra, then it's possible to
> choose vnc for an application connection. Since my openSuSE 13.2 computers will not serve vnc
> desktop sessions, this is useful (and it would be nice if the vnc and ssh options were available
> even when xpra is available).
They are always available.
There are configuration options to allow you to choose the default 
session type and drop down menus in the launch dialogs.
> 2b.  I noticed that the "application session" would invoke the application in an openbox window (or
> icewm, depending on what is available on the server, I guess).
That should not be the case. "desktop sessions" should start a window 
manager, "application sessions" should run seamlessly.
> 2c.  With the foregoing information, I found that I could open a full vnc desktop session from the
> application "custom command" option, as follows:
> The following work:
> ICEWM -- "icewm --replace"
> LXDE -- "lxsession"
> XFCE -- "xfwm4 --replace & xfce4-session"
> KDE4 -- "plasma-desktop & kwin --replace" (but logout doesn't work so you have to use
> winswitch_applet to kill the session)
> I could not figure out how to start enlightenment.  That is all the window managers/desktops I have
> installed.
As per my other reply, these options should have launch menus as 
"desktop sessions" already.
That's what winswitch does.
> 2d.  I know worrying about how to get VNC sessions running is sort of the opposite of getting xpra
> to work well, since its focus is on getting individual remote applications to integrate with the
> local desktop.  But, since the normal winswitch desktop mode does not work for me, this is very
> useful information.

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