[winswitch] A Hopefully Quick Question About Xpra.

Dan DaCosta chaosape at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 13:02:13 GMT 2015

Xpra Experts:

I have hacked a little code into Xpra that takes screenshots of all windows
managed by Xpra and stores them locally as files. Specifically, I
accomplished this by adding a bit of code to the x11/server.py file. It is
nothing pretty; I was just interested in doing a little experimentation. I
have two issues that seemingly should be easy to fix but I have yet to
figure out how to hack around them:
1) The server seems to be ignorant of any window pixmaps until the first
client attaches. Specifically, from my naive perspective, it seems like
Xpra cannot find the pixmap for any windows until the first attachment.
2) If, after an initial attach there are no attached clients, I can get
access to the window pixmaps but they are not updated unless someone is
attached, i.e, they remain in the same state as the last time there was an
attachment. Conceptually, it makes sense to avoid updating the pixmaps if
no one is attached but, for the life of me, I cannot find the switch that
turns pixmap updating on/off according to whether a client is attached or

Thanks in Advance!
Dan DaCosta

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