[winswitch] A Hopefully Quick Question About Xpra.

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Nov 3 15:57:30 GMT 2015

On 02/11/15 20:02, Dan DaCosta wrote:
> Xpra Experts:
> I have hacked a little code into Xpra that takes screenshots of all windows
> managed by Xpra and stores them locally as files. Specifically, I
> accomplished this by adding a bit of code to the x11/server.py file. It is
> nothing pretty;
Can you post this code?
We now have code that achieves something similar in trunk:
>  I was just interested in doing a little experimentation. I
> have two issues that seemingly should be easy to fix but I have yet to
> figure out how to hack around them:
> 1) The server seems to be ignorant of any window pixmaps until the first
> client attaches. Specifically, from my naive perspective, it seems like
> Xpra cannot find the pixmap for any windows until the first attachment.
Windows are not mapped onto the virtual screen until a client maps them
somewhere on their desktop.
And unmapped windows do not have pixmaps..
> 2) If, after an initial attach there are no attached clients, I can get
> access to the window pixmaps but they are not updated unless someone is
> attached, i.e, they remain in the same state as the last time there was an
> attachment. Conceptually, it makes sense to avoid updating the pixmaps if
> no one is attached but, for the life of me, I cannot find the switch that
> turns pixmap updating on/off according to whether a client is attached or
> not.
If you share your code it will be easier to talk about it.

> Thanks in Advance!
> Dan DaCosta
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