[winswitch] [Xpra] Sound problem

John Smith johnss1221 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 01:48:59 GMT 2015

Hi all,

I'm running Xpra with version 0.15.8( server, trusty amd64) and 0.16.0
r11304 (client, MS Windows 7 64bit).
Recently, I have had problem with the sound. Sometimes, the sound is
broken/interrupted, it will reappear after reattaching several times.
 I checked on the server (using top -c ), and noticed that when the sound
from client was interrupted, the sound xpra process(/usr/bin/python
/usr/bin/xpra _sound_record - - pulsesrc mp3 1.0 -d) was inactive, it was
just switched on only when it was attached.
How to switch on the sound from client without attaching?
Thanks :)

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