[winswitch] xpra 0.16.1 - websockify processes prevent xpra to shut down successfully ?

Michael Mayer michael at mayer.cx
Tue Feb 16 19:16:41 GMT 2016

Hi there,

I am currently checking out xpra for a small project - in general I am  
very pleased with it. Very nice piece of technology.

Lately I have encountered one issue though. If I use the following 
simple example that starts an xterm, makes it accessible via html and 2 
minutes later stops it again using the following bash script (please 
don't laugh about the secure passwords and keys)


echo -n $PASSWORD > password.txt
echo -n $AES_KEY > aes.txt
echo xpra start :10 --bind-tcp= --html=on --start=xterm \
--auth=file --password-file=`pwd`/password.txt \
--tcp-encryption=AES --tcp-encryption-keyfile=`pwd`/aes.txt
sleep 120
xpra stop :10 --auth=file --password-file=$PWD/password.txt


It works perfectly fine if there is no connections to the xpra created 
xterm via the browser. If one however wishes to access the xterm during 
the 2 minutes (as users would probably want to do), "xpra stop" fails to 
terminate. It tells you that everything was terminated successfully but 
the xpra and websockify processes keep running. If I repeat the same 
xpra stop command again it tells me that it cannot find any processes...

My expectation would be that xpra stop would terminate the X server, all 
the websockify daemons and itself.

The issue only appears if one actually accesses the URL and more than 
one websockify process is spawned.

Wondering if I am doing something wrong or we do have a bug here.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


PS: System Details:

CentOS 7.2, websockify upgraded using the latest tarball from pypi.


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