[winswitch] XPRA/HTML5

Mukul Agrawal mukulagrawal78 at yahoo.com
Mon May 2 22:59:17 BST 2016

I am accessing a remote Ubuntu machine from a local MS Win7 machine.
I am trying to use the HTML5 client from browser. On Ubuntu machine I only have ports 22, 80 and 443 open.Can somebody suggest what exact command should I use to start the xpra server on ubuntu machine?I am guessing that I will need to use the port 80 for both xpra server as well as for http. 
Is this possible? How do I do that?
I don't mind using secure-shell to manually log into the Ubuntu machine and then start the xpra-server with proper command to bind to proper websocket on the Ubuntu. In fact I will like to do that just to make sure I understand how this thing is working.
But eventually, it will be preferable if I could do that from web-browser on client machine itself and there is no need to logging into the Ubuntu machine separately to start the xpra-server.

[BTW, I can use xpra with ssh and MSwindows client software just fine. It works beautifully! ]

Regards, Mukul 
( https://sites.google.com/site/mukulagrawal )

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