[winswitch] XPRA/HTML5

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue May 3 05:47:16 BST 2016

On 03/05/16 04:59, Mukul Agrawal wrote:
> I am accessing a remote Ubuntu machine from a local MS Win7 machine.
> I am trying to use the HTML5 client from browser. On Ubuntu machine I only have ports 22, 80 and 443 open.Can somebody suggest what exact command should I use to start the xpra server on ubuntu machine?I am guessing that I will need to use the port 80 for both xpra server as well as for http. 
> Is this possible? How do I do that?
It uses port 10000 for everything in this example, but you can use
almost any port you like: ports below 1024 require root, so you're
probably better off using a higher port or using iptables to redirect to
a non-privileged port.

> I don't mind using secure-shell to manually log into the Ubuntu machine and then start the xpra-server with proper command to bind to proper websocket on the Ubuntu. In fact I will like to do that just to make sure I understand how this thing is working.
> But eventually, it will be preferable if I could do that from web-browser on client machine itself and there is no need to logging into the Ubuntu machine separately to start the xpra-server.
Starting xpra from a web browser will require some kind of web server to
connect to in the first place.
If xpra isn't started yet, you will need to use some other tool for
that. Perhaps an apache cgi script?

> [BTW, I can use xpra with ssh and MSwindows client software just fine. It works beautifully! ]


> Regards, Mukul 
> ( https://sites.google.com/site/mukulagrawal )

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