[winswitch] Automatic session creation

Denis Suv den.suv at bk.ru
Sat Apr 1 14:37:14 BST 2017

Hello dear Xpra society!

Could you please help me with XPRA proxy settings... I'm using only HTML client and would like the option "session on demand" and #1319 ticket enhancement but being a newcomer can't figure out how...

1) To make it easier. Without Proxy the start command like " xpra
start --bind-tcp= --html=on --start-child= xterm   --idle-timeout=7200
--server-idle-timeout=60 --cursors=yes --exit-with-children" normally connect the user via web browser. 
But then the application is closed the web server welcome page is not available any more. And it is impossible to create a new session.
Can Proxy help with that?
2) Another question, is it possible for each user (login) to start the session (on demand) somehow  in the authorisation file (for example) define his personal application to start? For the 1st user - xterm, for the second user - openoffice etc?

Thank a lot for your help!!

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