[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 2.0.1 : many fixes, 2 critical

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sun Apr 2 15:10:54 BST 2017


The two critical issues fixed in this update are:
* server crashes (as per the 1.0 update, this was a long standing bug)
* SSL connection failures

The rest of the fixes are mostly minor issues, with quite a few in the
HTML5 client and platform packaging.
Upgrading is recommended.

Release notes:
* fix X11 server crashes with very short-lived OR windows
* fix SSL connection failures
* fix 64-bit MSYS2 build system setup script
* fix RPM dependencies: remove libwebp, pynvml is only used on 64-bit,
  common package is always required
* fix RPM dependencies of python3 package
* fix absolute bind paths handled as relative locations
* fix running the Javascript / CSS minifier for MS Windows builds
* fix missing screen bit depth with Mac OS clients
* fix resource leak in HTML5 client
* fix missed characters in HTML5 client disconnection message
* fix HTML5 password field wrongly greyed out
* fix HTML5 window title bar wrapping
* fix backwards compatibility for hmac authentication
* fix error in OpenGL feature detection failure code path
* fix socket group permissions failures more gracefully
* fix proxy server control socket path issues
* fix exit-with-client and server shutdown race conditions
* fix missing window paint refresh with some posix window managers
* try to ensure the tmpfiles.d directory is created on installation
* add support for Ubuntu Zesty packaging
* support relative file paths in authentication modules
* support more CUDA architectures for NVENC
* log details of CUDA kernel loading errors
* RPM packaging of tmpfiles.d config
* improve error message when the some components aren't installed
* enable ZIP and MSI by default for MS Windows builds
* add missing indentation in man page, help page
* MacOS library updates: libepoxy

The source:
Direct binary downloads:


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