[winswitch] How to split up .h264 encoded to feed up broadway and aurora?

daniel.deus at icen.ufpa.br daniel.deus at icen.ufpa.br
Tue Aug 15 13:46:15 BST 2017


I was only looking for you html5 client that merges broadway.js to
decode NAL unit and aurora.js to decode the audio received. 

So, I'd like to build a browser client which merge this components that
is feeded by a MSWindows server mine. But I have a bunch of questions: 

First, in my MS server I capture and encode a application, by the result
a I get a .h264 encoded. What I konw is that .h264 is different from a
h.264 NAL and that broadwayjs only decode .h264 NAL. 

 So, how to split up this .h264 in NAL unit in order that a I'd have
video and audio separeted to feed broadway and aurora each one? 


Daniel F.

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