[winswitch] I need to video record session

Massimiliano Dal Cero yattamax at gmail.com
Sat Aug 19 21:04:11 BST 2017

Hi :)
I'm new here, so I can repeat something that you've read in the past
​ about XPRA​
(but I do not find anything about this).

I need to execute an application and access it via a browser session (so I
use the --html5 option).

Ok, this work without a problem, but I have another need: record session on
a video file.

I tried with ffmpeg but I can only see the mouse, but the window of my app
is an black box :(

So i tried with "shadow + xvfb" options and the video now is ok, but with
this option I lose some funtionality in html5 (ie: stretch area to full
browser tab).
So, the question is:
Exist a solution for recording video without using shadow + xvfb and use
native mode?

thanks and best regards :)


Ridentem dicere verum: quid vetat?


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