[winswitch] Keyboard key repetition

Timothy Hobbs timothy at hobbs.cz
Mon Feb 6 00:50:21 GMT 2017


I have a weird problem using subuser with the xpra-x11 bridge 
http://subuser.org/news/0.3.html#the-xpra-x11-bridge. Sometimes, not 
always, but sometimes, I end up with a situation in firefox, that when I 
press a key, the key stays down and starts repeating. So if I am 
backspacing, it will delete the entire line, or I'll get 
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. When this happens, firefox freezes before the 
repeated keypresses appear. Is it possible, in the xpra api, that you 
are sending first a key-down and then a key-up, and some sort of delay 
in the protocol causes the x11 server on the container side of the 
bridge to think that the key was held down and that repetition should 
occure? Where would I look in the code to try to fix this bug?


Timothy Hobbs

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