[winswitch] HTML start-desktop crash

Berdonces Bonelo, Erik e.berdoncesbonelo at campus.tu-berlin.de
Wed Feb 8 16:42:14 GMT 2017


I’m trying to run a full desktop (I have tried KDE and Unity so far), in order to manage remotely a server.
At the moment I have this running as a VM in VirtualBox  + VBox Addons in my computer (I hope it isn’t this interfering somehow…). I’ve been trying with Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Kubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7. In all of them I’ve installed the latest release from the Winswitch repository (at the moment 1.0.2).

Anyways, whenever I start an xpra session,  either if I start it from the client or HTML5 client, the transmitted desktop is a window that is much larger than my actual physical screen, and I can’t even resize it down. I’ve tried with the –desktop-scaling option, but it has no effect.

Also, I’ve tried to use different desktops (kde, gnome and unity), and to disconnect my physical second screen from my laptop. If I start a simple program as xterm, there are no problems, it’s the proper size. However, doing so with a desktop, it just won’t work.

Any suggestions on this? I’ve gone through all the xpra manual, but I might have overlooked a setting. Otherwise I don’t know if it can be a bug maybe…

Thanks a lot, and of course, thanks a lot for your great work and for this tool!

Best regards,

Erik berdonces

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