[winswitch] help: xpra client with chinese input

Jiang Qian jiang.qian at gmail.com
Tue May 9 07:30:06 BST 2017

I have tried also to use international input for xpra, either using
the input software (e.g. scim) in the server side or in the client
side, without success. I filed a bug a while back but at the time it
seemed to difficult to solve and the linux/xorg input stack was too
confusing for the developer.

The only solution I came up with is to use the input that comes with
the software itself, usually via extension.  I don't use gedit, but
for gvim, there is this internal extension to input cjk
For web browser, google chrome has th google input tools, which works
just fine over xpra
I haven't used this in firefox but it may work for firefox:

Of course, if you enable clipboard support, and your writing is not
extensive, you could just
quickly write in local windows and then paste to the xpra window.

I hope this helps.
Qian Jiang

On Tue, May 9, 2017 at 1:50 AM, 罗云翔 via shifter-users
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> hello,
> I want to use xpra for writing document on gedit with Chinese input. I ran the command like “xpra start --bind-tcp= --html=on --start-child=gedit  --sharing=on”, but I can not switch input to Chinese, right now I can only use english as input. Thank you a lot for your help!
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