[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 1.0.6 LTS : many minor fixes

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sun May 14 15:36:41 BST 2017


This update contains an large number of fixes but none of them are critical.
Most of the fixes are in the HTML5 client, SSL socket support and
various other subsystems: clipboard, audio, shadow servers, etc.

The only noteworthy change is for the packaging of the media codecs:
those are now loading the correct version of the library when multiple
versions are installed - this should prevent some warnings and maybe
even fix some performance and stability issues as well.

There is no urgency to update if your were not affected by those issues.

Release notes:
* fix SSL connection failures
* fix SSL servers on MS Windows
* fix SSL-upgradable sockets not exposed via mDNS
* fix server startup failures when running without stdout or stderr
* fix loss of clipboard synchronization with direction restrictions
* fix library versions used when multiple versions are installed
* fix inconsistent desktop state after using the screenshot feature
  on MS Windows
* fix raising of windows when connecting from Mac OS
* fix exit code of helper commands on Mac OS
* fix X11 ICC profile version format, continue if missing
* fix X11 extensions checks, prevent event code mismatch
* fix window model leak when we fail to manage a window
* fix server errors with locked batch delays
* fix window opacity forwarding
* fix missing system tray with Ubuntu Zesty
* fix audio stream duplicated header
* fix errors in scrolling detection error handler
* fix nvenc codec name shown in config file example
* fix nvenc encoding reported (wrongly hardcoded to H264)
* fix vp8 codec maximum picture size (8kx4k on posix platforms)
* fix picture stride errors with some shadow servers
* fix missed characters in HTML5 client disconnection message
* fix HTML5 password field wrongly greyed out
* fix HTML5 window title bar wrapping
* fix HTML5 handling of Unicode window titles
* fix HTML5 exception in audio error handler
* fix HTML5 using the wrong audio codec
* fix HTML5 audio codec fallback
* fix HTML5 audio not closed on end-of-stream
* fix HTML5 MediaSource API availability detection
* fix HTML5 spurious paint error messages
* fix connection to IPv6 addresses
* fix handling of unsupported connection types
* fix backwards compatibility for hmac authentication
* fix handling of desktop window resizing,
  prevent it from moving off-screen
* fix error handling of screenshot feature from the bug report tool
* fix missing error exit code from test-connect and
  remote-start subcommands
* fix lost window icons with some window managers
* fix python-lz4 library version detection
* fix audio forwarding with MS Windows clients in GUI mode
* disable "legacy mp3" audio decoding in the HTML5 client
* avoid warnings when running with newer versions of the config files
* blacklist Mesa Intel Ivybridge GPU
* more helpful warning message when dbus bindings are missing
* improve error handling when native Mac OS bindings are missing
* support relative file paths in authentication modules
* Mac OS library updates: Pillow 4.1, ffmpeg 3.3, python-lz4 0.9.1

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