[winswitch] gofundme for xpra server upgrade

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sun May 27 09:11:44 BST 2018


Many thanks for your support!
The funding goal had been reached 2 months ago already, but we haven't
done much progress since then on the hardware purchase front.

The machine hosting xpra.org suffered a complete kernel lockup earlier
this week, which served as a strong reminder that this single point of
failure is a real danger to the project.

Instead of hosting the buildbot in a data-center, we are likely to host
it somewhere closer, which will facilitate maintenance, backups,
upgrades, etc
This will also reduce costs (the CPU doesn't need to fit in a 1U case)
and risks: the xpra.org will only host the wiki and package
repositories. Should this server get completely wiped out, it should be
much quicker to restore things back to normal.

This transition will take a while, so please bear with us.


On 07/11/17 22:00, Antoine Martin wrote:
> Hi,
> The xpra build system needs an upgrade, so if you can donate something
> towards the new hardware please see:
> https://www.gofundme.com/xpra-server-upgrade
> There is a temporary link on the xpra homepage near the bottom:
> https://xpra.org/
> (there is a PGP signed link)
> I am unable to sign this email with PGP because some email servers would
> then bounce the post (thanks yahoo).
> On the subject of mailing list posts, some may have missed the messages
> about the two critical updates from 2 weeks ago as the mail server had
> been moved to a new hosting facility but the reverse-dns records had not
> been updated yet.
> Here they are again:
> http://lists.devloop.org.uk/pipermail/shifter-users/2017-October/002027.html
> http://lists.devloop.org.uk/pipermail/shifter-users/2017-October/002028.html
> Cheers
> Antoine

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